SECO to showcase Clea with two demos at embedded world 2024

SECO will demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the Clea software suite and feature their partnership with Google Cloud.

SECO, a global leader in delivering end-to-end technological solutions for industrial digitalization, announced that they will feature two separate demonstrations of the Clea platform at embedded world 2024. The demos will illustrate real-world examples of the value delivered by this powerful IoT software suite. Representatives will also be on hand to discuss the benefits of cooperation with Google Cloud, which recently resulted in an addition to the sourcing model for Astarte, one of the suite’s modules. 

Clea is a modular software stack that provides a unified solution for data orchestration and modelling, device and fleet management, and the development of value-added services and advanced AI applications. Open source and production-ready, Clea is compatible with any cloud provider, on-premises infrastructure, ​or​ hardware through SDKs and device management clients​.​ ​It relieves developers from having to deal with technical minutiae, freeing them to concentrate on developing features and capabilities that will differentiate their products. ​The modular stack consists of three core components, Astarte, Edgehog, and Portal, and scales from ​proof of concept (​POC​)​ to full production deployments.  

​​​​​SECO also now delivers Clea’s module Astarte through Google Cloud Marketplace. This gives users one-click access to Astarte, simplifying delivery, improving the consistency and efficiency of deployment and, importantly, reducing cost. By investing ​significantly​​​​​ in this relationship, SECO is aligning with a key trend where the expansion of cloud-provider marketplace solutions is enabling developers of complex applications to source software from a variety of vendors while encouraging an open technology environment. 

At booth 1-320 two separate demos will give visitors insight into the value delivered by Clea.

The Vending Machine demo integrates Clea, an off-the-shelf​ Single Board Computer​ (​​​​SBC) and SECO’s KarL4 contactless payment system, to automate product selection and payment from a vending machine while collecting key customer data at the edge and transferring it to the cloud. The demo highlights the data visualization capabilities available through the Clea dashboard, and the value available to the vending machine operator through information on stock control, product performance, re-stock statistics, fleet performance and fleet management. 

The Orbital Welding Machine demo integrates Clea and a SECO flush mount HMI​, showing how​ data​ is gathered​ from a real welding machine at the edge and ​transmitted​ to a tailor-made Clea dashboard in the cloud. The dashboard provides information such as welding volume completed and welding time, along with a detailed log of each welding occurrence and the status of connected or disconnected devices.​ 

SECO’s solutions and technologies are enabling a new generation of digital devices. Visitors at embedded world 2024 can experience first-hand how SECO’s capabilities can help them drive value from the data generated by their devices.