We design standardized modules, single board computers and human machine interfaces as a modular platform concept based on x86, ARM and FPGA architectures. Our approach allows us to make even extremely challenging customizations possible and to meet your requirements in the best possible way. At the same time, our concept reduces costs and time to market.

Strong R&D process and state-of-the-art product development process

Based on product specifications as well as cost and time frames, SECO takes care of all phases of the project. Whether electric schematics, the BOM or the validation of the pre-series batch - you can rely on our experts. Our project management also takes care of the various steps of hardware development and thermal, electrical, and electromagnetic immunity and emissions testing.

SECO products are developed for an extended life-cycle, usable in broad temperature ranges, and created according to the principles of "Design for Testing" and "Design for Manufacturing."

Flexible product design and a Vast Tech Line Card

Starting from the wide range of standard products, SECO offers full and semi-custom solutions to meet the most specific requirements.

The SECO product range offers a selection of products with excellent graphics performance and extremely power-saving & fanless platforms. A strong focus on connectivity and machine learning based on neural networks as well as FuSa-oriented solutions.

Privileged Access to Latest-Generation Solutions and Industrial Standards

SECO has access to the early access programs of the top CPU manufacturers. These relationships allow us to offer you the absolute latest generation solutions and maximum flexibility. The spectrum ranges from edge gateways that operate at fractions of a watt to multicore solutions in the field of embedded servers.

SECO works on the technical committees of the most recognized industry standards for System-on-Modules. We manufacture carrier boards and also provide design review services to ensure effective implementation and compliance with standards for optimal interoperability.

A Center of Excellence in Pre-Production Validation

SECO's PCB Design & Hardware Validation team ensures that every solution we develop is electrically, thermally and functionally validated. We also perform verification procedures, ESD/EMI pre-certification, and signal and power integrity simulations and tests in collaboration with our specialized partner laboratories.

Design Support

  • Technology conception
  • 3D / CAD construction with SolidWorks
  • Prototypenbau
  • Functional analysis
  • Manufacturing-/ assembly concept
  • Design-FMEA
  • Manufacturer research & support (for tools and series parts mechanics)

Pre-Compliance & Certifications

  • The legal and regulatory frameworks worldwide are complex and sometimes differ widely. We support you with our extensive knowledge in product registration and accompany you on your way to product approval:
  • Determination of suitable guidelines in worldwide use
  • Handling of approval procedures: CE, UL, RED (or former R&TTE directive), IEC and FCC
  • Carrying out an accredited test of signal integrity with internal team
  • Internal EMC pre-compliance procedures for emitted interference and interference immunity

Comprehensive project management

Your project will be supervised by a project management team at all stages. Tasks include:

  • Track project execution
  • Monitoring timelines and budgets
  • Coordinating with all internal and external stakeholders
  • Handover from planning to series production

Of course, contact is maintained even after the market launch.

Local support for a fast time to market

Our experts are represented worldwide and advise you on the best system architecture and technology, time-to-market and price-performance ratio.

  • Proven know-how in x86, ARM, RISC and FPGA architectures
  • System integration services (HW assembly, SW&FW development)
  • Building block approach with a wide range of standard modules for your custom solutions
  • Compliance with project specifications in terms of functionality, cost, time and performance

What can we do for you?

Please tell us about your projects and goals: We can find the best technological solution for you.