KarL4 is SECO's innovation for contactless payment for the Girocard, Mastercard and Visa card. The payment terminal runs entirely without a PIN pad (TOPP) and allows quick age verification on request. This enables customers to pay securely and intuitively with Girocard contactless amounts up to 50 Euros without entering a PIN. KarL4 uses Near Field Communication (NFC) for data communication with the credit card. This ensures extremely customer-friendly handling: pull out your card, put it near KarL4, and pay.

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KarL4 can optionally be integrated with our Human Machine Interfaces to provide a combined assembly tailored to your product requirements. Quality "Made in Germany" and approved by the German Banking Industry (DK), profit from SECO’s many years of experience in the development and manufacture of more than 100,000 card payment systems.

SECO also plans DC-POS 3.0 certification, which will additionally enable acceptance of American Express (AMEX), Discover, Union Pay, and JCB.

SECO Edge Payment

  • One Contact
    • From hardware and software to payment processing - we are your contact. No additional contracts are necessary, e.g. with payment service providers or mobile phone providers.
  • Fast and flexible installation
    • Only 4 mounting points and 1 hole for the cable entry to your unit housing.
    • Highly secure - no large cut-out in the housing required, preventing unintentional tampering
    • Vandalism and weather protection - controller is located inside the device housing
  • Plug & Play
    • Automatic set-up - KarL4 is immediately ready for use
    • No additional software is required
    • Modem onboard - no network administration necessary
    • LTE onboard
      • With an integrated LTE modem and SIM chip, KarL4 is ready to use right away.
    • Age verification
      • Built in as standard
      • Thanks to Girocard 4.0, age verification can now also be carried out via smartphone and smartwatch
    • Integration
      • Optionally expandable with graphic display, touchscreen, Bluetooth, or Ethernet (LAN).
      • Customised design is also possible (e.g. reader unit combined with an HMI behind glass)
    • AI and IoT directly deployable
      • Quickly develop and leverage new value-added business models and services using SECO's AI/IoT software platform called Clea

    Future Report Age Verification in Vending

    Find out in our future report how operators can protect minors from adult articles at vending machines.


    KarL4 and Clea - Contactless payment meets AI

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    KarL4 is the new contactless payment terminal from SECO. KarL4 is a terminal without a PIN pad (TOPP). It enables your customers to pay amounts up to 50 euros contactless with girocard or credit card securely and intuitively without entering a PIN. KarL4 uses Near Field Communication (NFC) for data transmission.

    A payment service provider (PSP) is a business entity that provides online services for accepting electronic payments. They act as a link between the customer and the merchant, connecting the buyer and seller through a secure payment gateway. They provide merchants with the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and other online payment methods. PSPs also offer fraud prevention services, customer support, and other services. The standards include credit cards (Amex, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, UnionPay, ApplePay and GooglePay) or the girocard.


    A payment system is a network that facilitates the transfer of money from one party to another. It involves the use of digital payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic funds transfer (EFT) methods. The payment system typically involves a payment processor, which is the intermediary that facilitates the transaction. The payment processor may be a bank, an online payment gateway, or a third-party financial services provider. The payment processor generally works with the customer’s bank to authorize and process the payment request. Once the payment is authorized, the payment processor sends the information to the merchant’s bank, which then sends the funds to the merchant. The merchant typically receives the funds within 1-2 business days.

    About girocard contactless

    The girocard (formerly EC card) is the most widely used card in Germany. By the end of 2021, 96% of all girocards were already equipped with the contactless payment function. The girocard meets the highest security standards of the German banking industry. NFC technology, which makes secure contactless payment possible, is the linchpin for new applications that make the girocard even smarter and more convenient.

    • Just hold it close to the payment terminal and you're done.
    • The payment process is reduced to seconds!
    • Amounts up to 50 euros can usually be paid without PIN or signature.

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