With this in-house development, we at SECO wanted to respond as quickly as possible to the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and make our contribution to overcoming the crisis. The requirements for our non-invasive ventilator, which offers state-of-the-art technology, were:

  • High-flux generator for non-invasive ventilation of adult patients with respiratory failure who are able to breathe on their own.
  • Closed system that prevents the risk of infection to which others present are exposed through the aerosol effect of the air exhaled by the patient.
  • User-friendly and flexible clinical solution for a wide range of applications in critical care, surgical ICU, emergency room, nursing homes and home care

In collaboration with IBD, an experienced biomedical device manufacturer, SECO developed an innovative non-invasive lung ventilator. This made a significant contribution with its novel & versatile NIV approach to assisted lung ventilation in both clinical and everyday contexts.

The collaboration has resulted in an innovative and versatile ventilator that can be used for assisted spontaneous breathing in both clinical and home care settings. The developed device is also compact and portable. It supports oxygenation, dynamic lung compliance, homogeneity and expiratory volume, reduces anatomical dead space and generates positive airway pressure.

Used products

10" touchscreen display, power efficient ARM-based SBC, Yocto Linux, Optimized GUI Framework (C++ technology in ARM/Linux environment), CAN bus.

What our customers think about SECO

"By developing this product we had the chance to play our part in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, and SECO was the best partner we could ask for."

Corrado Ghidini

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