Our proof-of-concept approach is a flexible service that simplifies prototyping within projects and fulfils a variety of needs.

For large-scale projects with a long-term vision, SECO provides a team with designers and engineers to create the project prototype, quickly and collaboratively, with the security of knowing that scheduling and budget are always under control.

Tell us your ideas

Access to the UDOO Cloud powered by Edgehog, the open-source platform in the cloud developed by the SECO group of companies for completely independent rapid prototyping for your own IoT or IIoT project.

Tell us your ideas

Use our special starter/dev kits as a development environment for your software. This service also includes the support of our experienced developers via our ticket system.

Tell us your ideas

  • Efficient prototyping for projects with short time-to-market and a defined budget.
  • A flexible service portfolio with proven tools that allow you to work completely autonomously if you wish.
  • Support from a dedicated team of outstanding subject matter experts.
  • Seamless prototype transfer.

What can we do for you?

Please tell us about your projects and goals: We can find the best technological solution for you.