Our embedded software service includes all activities that are necessary for the failure-free operation of SECO's products to ensure the reliability, safety and flexibility of the products. All of SECO's hardware is equipped with basic embedded software that is flexible and customisable, from firmware development to operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux and RTOS.

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SECO allows you to develop innovative solutions. We support you with everything from algorithms for artificial intelligence to machine learning and IoT solutions. Full support, including over-the-air updates and special security features, is part of our standard package. The comprehensive approach for cloud and edge applications makes it possible to get the most out of cost-effective hardware with low power consumption.

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Clea: Our groundbreaking IOT-AI-SasS solution transforms field data into actionable and measurable insights, and bundles device and application management into one platform.

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  • A single point of contact for the entire hardware and software system.
  • First level support for the entire lifecycle of the project is provided directly by our project planners and experts and Data Scientists for Linux, Android, Windows, Firmware, BIOS, IoT, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.
  • Flexibility and agility in custom development.
  • Hardware and software integration support for legacy environments.
  • Security patch management.

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