• Intelligent networking of different building technologies
  • Energy-efficient supply of buildings
  • Reliable security technology with increasing complexity
  • Powerful embedded systems for control and monitoring
  • Scalable HMIs in computing power and display sizes
  • AI Platform as SaaS option with edge AI as well as cloud solutions and scalable performance
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Building security technology is a comprehensive term that encompasses all measures designed to ensure the safety of people and property in buildings. These include, among others: Access control, fire protection, video surveillance, burglary protection and alarm systems. Building security technology is an important part of the security infrastructure in modern buildings. It can protect people and property from a variety of hazards, including burglary, theft, vandalism and fire. SECO offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions that meet the requirements of companies, public authorities and private households.

Scalable HMI technology

It has become easier than ever to find HMI technology with the computing power to match. SECO's Modular Vision series, for example, is designed to be customised to different requirements - so, the modular HMI series grows in parallel with the requirements.

Thanks to the quickly replaceable SMARC module, processing power can be easily adapted and reacted to changing conditions in building control. This means that processing power on an ARM or x86 basis is also available as required. The HMI display with up to 4K resolution offers crystal-clear images and opens the way for an intuitive display.

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SECO introduces completely new modular HMI platform concept.

AI implementation for intelligent building management

AI applications are currently still limited in building management. Nevertheless, even without a specific application, the basis for an infrastructure needs to be created as soon as possible - so that costs, as well as time loss, remain minimal for customers in the case of specific AI applications.

The solution for setting up an edge AI and cloud AI data infrastructure is provided by powerful boxed PCs or HMIs with upgradeable module performance from SECO.

To manage AI applications, SECO's SaaS platform Clea is just the right choice. The platform with its comprehensive AI apps is built in such a way that it can already be used for small specific AI application and grows steadily with more complex requirements.

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Embedded solutions with implemented safety software

Since central control and management hardware have become popular targets for cyberattacks, security software designed for embedded solutions needs to be implemented here. It is good that SECO, together with its partner EXEIN, has equipped the embedded solutions with security software and real-time verification. In addition, the application also checks connected devices, thus also protecting complete networks and establishing secure end-to-end connections.

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Integrate temporarily connected devices into the infrastructure

Going forward, smart buildings will not only form self-contained ecosystems but will also be able to allow temporary access through e.g. smartphones or similar. This means that dialled-in devices can be used for guidance and orientation or can be provided with push messages in the event of emergencies or appointments. SECO is already developing corresponding gateways to precisely offer these scenarios as simple and secure as possible.

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The digital twin in building management

The implementation of a digital twin enables the construction of a comprehensive digital image of the physical object. This allows certain data packages to be combined with each other to generate multi-value data insights. Furthermore, the system can carry out optimisations in the twin, test them and, if successful, import changes directly into the physical object. SECO's solutions are precisely designed for future scenarios of this kind: to ensure a reliable data infrastructure and to enable edge AI and cloud AI.

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