Digital signage offers a number of advantages over traditional advertising media, such as posters or flyers. Digital displays can show more dynamic and engaging content that better captures viewers' attention. In addition, digital displays can be personalised to tailor content to specific target audiences.


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  • Targeted advertising for different buying personas
  • Network management of signage devices
  • Data protection, data analysis and data exploitation
  • Advertising budgeting
  • Location selection and placement
  • Maintenance costs
  • High-resolution and intelligent display technology
  • Powerful Computer on Modules as well as Single Board Computers
  • Interactivity and personalisation of advertising with AI
  • Integration of connectivity and IoT systems
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Future Report Transformation in Digital Signage

Find out in our report how digital signage will develop in the future and how you can profit from it.


AI-supported advertising analysis

Making advertising experiences interactive, targeted commercial messages, lightning-fast adjustments of content or the right environment to convey advertising messages - all this is possible thanks to AI-based advertising applications. With SECO's IoT & AI Platform Clea, our clients have everything they need to be future-proof in digital signage. The analysis of the AI goes far beyond its data: the AI implemented in Clea uses freely available data for analysis and, thanks to data orchestration, concludes customised insights from it. Whether current weather data, information on nearby events or breaking news - SECO's AI includes this data in the analysis. Thanks to this analytical data, Clea can transmit customised advertising to the digital signage space.

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First-class display, user interface and maximum performance

SECO's modular HMI systems offer the ideal foundation for building a complete ecosystem around digital signage. The modularity opens a multitude of combination possibilities in the project phase. The touch displays offer optimal display and interaction with of modern content in every conceivable dimension. The hardware is available with the latest Computer on Module performance technology and can be quickly upgraded at any time. SECO's solutions are designed to grow steadily with the requirements of each project.

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SECO introduces completely new modular HMI platform concept.

Turn unused spaces to account and profit!

Digital signage can be understood not only as information terminals or advertising space in places where classic printed content was previously available. They can also be used in places where customers for example spend active breaks. These can be lifts, changing rooms or cashier waiting areas. Depending on the location, this requires different display sizes and computing power. Particularly powerful touch-based signage solutions can make these places a special experience. With SECO you get powerful and at the same time energy-efficient computing power on COMs and SBCs as well as high-resolution HMIs in sizes from 4.3'' up to 32'' or custom sizes.

Turn digital signage into a constant companion for customers

Signage spaces currently offer customers orientation and inspiration. The advertising content or orientation information displayed is linked to the location of the signage area. With the help of AI solutions such as Clea, it is possible to link the displayed content individually to specific customers. As the customer moves across the sales area, the content of surrounding signage surfaces adapts to the customer's needs. This requires, among other things, high computing power and AI applications directly on the signage device, which are specially implemented in SECO solutions.

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