Modern IoT projects require open and scalable infrastructures, performing well over the long term and guaranteeing reliability, while remaining sustainable and predictable in terms of recurring costs.

We provide standard, ready-to-use platforms and infrastructures to enable fleet and device management, field data analysis and optimization, which can be integrated with any hardware. Clea, our IoT platform, is the central hub out of which we shape our offering.

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We offer our IoT solutions as a managed service on any infrastructure, whether it’s our own, our customers’ Cloud or even On-Premise infrastructures. The Open Source nature of Clea enables us to satisfy the most challenging deployment scenarios, while our experience in managing complex, distributed systems ensures the highly reliable service your customers expect. All of this while keeping your operating expenses predictable and optimized, while cutting away any other hidden costs.

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Field devices generate vast amounts of highly valuable data every day. Our solutions are built to handle massive volumes of data and designed to enable Artificial Intelligence algorithms both at the Edge and in the Cloud. We provide all the necessary tools to extract value from field data from day one.

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Our typical deployments manage devices with a lifecycle on the field spanning many years. Our fleet and device management systems go beyond monitoring by managing the operating system and onboard applications throughout their lifecycle, along with several other features designed for handling complex and diverse fleets.

We believe that IoT is the enabling technology for selling value-added digital services and Hardware-as-a-Service solutions. Not only does Clea provide dedicated monetization features, including a dedicated Marketplace, but our long standing experience out of guiding our customers in this journey is what makes SECO the perfect partner.

We understand how diverse IoT projects and their needs can be. That's why our offering is highly modular, both in terms of services and products we provide. For self-sufficient customers, we offer our Clea platform with only the necessary modules and support for its operations and developers. For those with more demanding requirements, we provide support that spans from defining use cases to full operations management in production.


We manage hundreds of Clea installations directly, most of which have been on the field for years, supporting all the needs of increasingly large and complex fleets. SECO provides the assurance of relying on a standard, open-source product supported by multiple partners worldwide, safeguarding your investment over time and offering all the guarantees your customers require.

All SECO hardware products are born natively integrated with Clea and ready for use with our IoT platform. Our complete offering benefits from unified support, dedicated optimizations, and more. SECO hardware is the right solution to get the most out of Clea.

Our partners are here to help. The ability to choose from a wide selection of vertical applications or specialized software houses further accelerates time to market and reduces overhead costs.

Clea provides toolkits and dedicated tools for developers, and it's designed with extensibility in mind. Whether it's a custom frontend, an analytics service, or an extension to our portal through its Application Framework, Clea has a dedicated and extensively documented solution.

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