Challenges in the market

  • Increased barriers and country-specific requirements for market approval are a major time factor for development
  • Increasing innovation pressure for materials and coatings for better biocompatibility
  • Technological complexity, including compatibility and interoperability of different devices
  • Assured long-term availability of key components

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Our customised solutions

  • Faster time to market thanks to pre-tested, customizable, and proven modular components and prototyping
  • Certified coating processes for clinically clean user interfaces
  • IoT and connectivity solutions for integration with other technologies
  • Design of devices compliant with Medical Area Safety based on technology solutions with FuSa functions
  • Low maintenance thanks to durable technologies and energy efficiency
  • Products with long-term availability for over 10 years

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Highlight technologies for medical and laboratory technology

Fast Design and Prototyping Processing

In medical technology, a mature product architecture is the success factor for the implementation of an advanced and safe medical product. We support you in the development with our proven prototype concept: after just a few weeks, we deliver the first prototype to our customers. In doing so, the SECO embedded solution focuses on a modular and simple structure so that the complexity of the technology in the final product does not increase the risk of unexpected failures. 

At the same time, SECO attaches importance to keeping all embedded development processes in its own hands and always pushing a design-to-manufacturing practice.

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Security on every millimetre of hardware

SECO puts great effort into complying with medical regulations and quality standards when implementing medical projects. SECO carries out an integrated quality management following ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 20015 and manufactures at the Arezzo site in Italy in compliance with ISO 13485:2016.

To always ensure safe operations and thus keep maintenance costs low, SECO increasingly uses modules with FuSa functions (functional safety). This guarantees safe emergency operation of the system in the event of irregularities. Modules with FuSa functions have a mode that intervenes immediately in the event of irregularities during regular operation and thus does not pose a risk to patients.

Exploit the infinite potential of AI in production

The use of modules with FuSa (Functional Safety) functions opens up completely new possibilities for safety and collaborative work. In combination with AI, FuSa can be taken to a new level of human-machine interaction through pose estimation, gesture control or even voice control. SECO’s FuSa-capable module HALLEY was developed precisely for application scenarios of this kind: If irregularities arise in regular operation or a defined gesture is registered, HALLEY immediately switches to a secure operation or stops the process.

Cooperation of doctors and AI

Artificial intelligence will not replace doctors or laboratory technicians but will provide significant support in their work. In the future, AI applications will take over tasks that can be automated and serve as a decision-making aid for specialists. AI will also support doctors in detecting abnormalities in healthy patients. This can shorten or even close the diagnostic gap. Basic technological conditions must be created for these upcoming scenarios.

SECO offers comprehensive solutions to already orchestrate medical data and generate insights from it. Likewise, all sensitive data remains under the control of the medical professionals and the patient.

More complexity and connectivity

Systems communicating with each other are already not uncommon. As long as the systems are proprietary, this does not pose a challenge. However, in reality, systems from different manufactures are used. On the other hand, many solutions are far from connectivity. In the future, more and more devices will exchange data in real-time with protected cloud systems. 

The challenge here is to build a secure and stable data pipeline as well as an orchestration that processes data in the device and the cloud. SECO offers extensive possibilities for building data pipelines and AI-based edge solutions.

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