The client needed assistance in selecting an off-the-shelf SBC for its first advance into the medical device market. Several requirements for the product had to be considered:

  • CE compliance - The customer needed the support of SECO's verification and validation specialists, as the device had to be compliant with CE regulations for medical devices.
  • Long-term availability - The customer was looking for a solution that offered guaranteed availability of 3-5 years.
  • Cost-effectiveness - The customer's device is intended for local clinics and laboratories in the lower end of the market in developing countries, so SECO's solution had to be extremely cost-effective.

We offered one of our SBCs with ARM processor and did a slight redesign. We also provided full support to the client during the certification process, and our years of experience meant that we provided all the necessary data up front.

We were able to meet the customer's needs quickly with a cost-effective solution. We were also successful in revising the board in an extremely short time and adapting it seamlessly to the certification requirements.

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"SECO’s experience in certifications and in the medical domain proved to be crucial in the success of this design." - Vikrant Raghu - Product Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions"

Vikrant Raghu
Product Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions

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