Challenges in the market

  • High computing power for energy-efficient use, especially for edge computing
  • Connectivity in complex IoT networks
  • Security and data protection

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Our customised solutions

  • Embedded solutions for high performance requirements with low power consumption
  • Compatibility in IoT networks
  • Security software with real-time verification

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Future-oriented calculation units

Smart devices can anything from handheld devices to control units for smart homes or entire industrial plants. In all these cases, the computing solutions based on COM or SBC need to have capacities for edge computing with low power consumption at the same time. Particularly power-efficient solutions such as SMARC modules from SECO can be a real advantage, especially for handheld devices with battery operation.

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Durable hardware in a time of high stress

All SECO solutions are equipped with the latest x86 and ARM processor technology from renowned manufacturers. In addition to i.MX9 processors from NXP and Intel processors, SECO can also count on the performance of MediaTek. In addition, all COMs and SBCs are capable of running AI applications directly at the edge. In addition, and thanks to modularity, SECO also focuses on enabling long-term availability of the entire product range or providing corresponding alternatives. This also contributes significantly to long-term plannability.

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Smart devices in secure IoT networks

Powerful smart devices operate in increasingly complex IoT networks and face challenges and risks. Whether it is the monitoring of the device fleet or protecting against cyber-attacks. There is no way around AI-based cloud solutions. SECO's IoT/AI platform CLEA can be a perfect solution for this. The platform grows with the requirements of the network of smart devices, monitors the interaction of edge AI and cloud AI and is equipped with security functions from our partner EXEIN as standard.

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