Our customer from Leipzig is a manufacturer of modern street lights and was looking for a combination of display and control computer that is robust against weather, heat and vandalism. Another requirement was integrated WiFi technology. The processor was to be based on i.MX6 (from NXP) and was to have the common standard interfaces RS485 and RS232.

The top priority for the customer was the longevity of the product solution and long-term support.

The choice of a suitable solution fell on the Santino LT. Furthermore, the size of the display was set to 5 inches and equipped with a capacitive touch interface. Capacitive touch reacts to touch, and by modifying the software, it was possible to detect raindrops, for example, and exclude them from the touch detection. High temperatures caused by heat and sunlight, among other things, are compensated in the Santino LT by heat sinks in critical assemblies and the display is thermally decoupled. In the last instance, the software can temporarily reduce the computing speed - this results in less intrinsic heat.

With this solution, we guaranteed our customers long-term product planning and component availability of at least 10 years.

With the Santino LT embedded system, a solution was found to make street furniture easily and permanently fit for the smart city and the IoT.

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