• Conformity with railway traffic regulations
  • PCB coating for harsh environmental conditions in rail traffic to withstand a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C without any problems
  • Long-term availability - the standard modular solution should guarantee a lifetime of 10+ years and support of 30+ years
  • Modular ARM/X86 solution - A modular solution that combined low-power ARM and x86 processors with good graphics performance in one platform

We were able to find a modular solution that met the customer's stringent needs for the new passenger information system of the subway. SECO was able to deliver both ARM and x86 solutions very quickly, built to railway traffic regulation specifications, including Linux BSP. In addition, SECO supported the customer with the Intel processor generation change.

The client has fitted its new passenger vehicles with various devices based on SECO modules that serve different purposes. Some are part of the information system and enable data exchange between the passenger cars and the towing vehicle and cannot be seen, others are visible every day.


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