SECO presents its product & service portfolio at Embedded World 2022 - from Edge to AI

The leading international tradeshow for embedded system technology returns in-person; SECO prepares to meet with customers and partners

The international embedded community is gathering again this year in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 21 to 23, for the embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2022. SECO has exhibited at the show since its beginning and looks forward to this year’s booth on the showroom floor for meeting with customers and partners, and also developing new connections.

Operating five production plants and nine R&D hubs, and employing almost 800 people worldwide – of which over 250 are involved in R&D activities and about 150 in AI algorithm development – SECO is a center of excellence at the forefront of global technology innovation and digitalization through worldwide engineering design, manufacturing, and technical support excellence.

SECO’s booth at embedded world will showcase the company’s expertise in delivering cutting-edge technological solutions, from miniaturized computers to fully customized integrated systems combining hardware and software and also offering Clea, a proprietary end-to-end IoT-AI analytics software suite, made available on a SaaS basis, that allows clients to gather insightful data from their on-field devices in real time.

Thanks to its multi-decade experience, major R&D investments and M&A strategy to continuously add value to its products, SECO is a strategic partner in the digital transformation and IoT evolution of businesses, able to address the need for digitalization from Edge to AI.

Delivering best-in-class edge computing solutions – both hardware and software – for over 40 years, SECO offers an extensive portfolio of off-the shelf products, based on leading edge processing technologies from world-class silicon vendors: x86 and Arm standard form-factor modular solutions and single board computers, modular HMI and boxed solutions, and payment systems. Beyond off-the-shelf edge computing platforms, SECO offers custom design solutions, providing full support to best meet the customer’s unique needs and taking care of the entire production cycle, from concept development, through design and verification, certification testing and manufacturing. SECO Edge solutions are designed to make electronic objects smart, gathering data from the edge and moving them to the cloud using the Clea AI-IoT platform.

SECO’s Clea AI/IoT platform easily connects edge electronic devices to the cloud and facilitates real time device monitoring, analytics, infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, secure remote software updates, and more. Adding intelligence is the focus of SECO Mind business line: through application demos, embedded world visitors will see the Clea platform in action across multiple scenarios, thus discovering the ease and power of data orchestration, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. This simple and flexible data management platform provides easy aggregation of multiple data sources for intuitive analysis. Client-specific front-end services and edge apps implement product-specific functions and analytics. Furthermore, fleet data can be monitored in real time, sorted, grouped, analyzed, and stored for future analysis. Being able to manage over the air (OTA) updates, remote debugging, blue/green app deployments and much more, Clea easily scales to a large number of connected devices, with the flexibility to control them in whatever granularity is required.

Experimentation and creativity have always been at the heart of all SECO activities. This pioneering spirit goes even further with SECO Next’s team, which is dedicated to experimentation and the combination of technologies, methodologies, skills, and knowledge to realize new ideas. SECO Next collaborates with our customers in a true partnership in creating a first product version at low cost and minimized time, to collect initial feedback and improve the functionality of the product/service. The resulting product is ready for scalable mass production. SECO Next’s methodology involves exploration, analysis, test, and production, to get the best solution commercialized, manufactured, and sold.

From June 21 to 23, SECO welcomes visitors to booth 1-310/1-320 at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2022 in Nuremberg.