SECO introduces new COM Express® type 6 module powered by Intel® Atom® processors C7000RE series

Making its debut at embedded world 2024, the SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL elevates industrial-grade edge applications with the Intel® Next Gen Atom® processor.

SECO, a leader in industrial digitalization technologies, has announced the launch of its latest COM Express® module, incorporating the newly introduced Intel® Atom® Processors x7000RE Series (Codename: Amston Lake). The SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL leverages the robust capabilities of the Intel® Next Gen Atom® processor technology and the versatility of the COM Express® standard, offering an optimized blend of performance and reliability for embedded and rugged edge applications.

The Intel® Atom® Processors x7000RE Series extends the latest feature set of the Alder Lake N Series to meet the stringent requirements of industrial applications. These processors operate reliably at extended temperatures and deliver high performance with low power consumption. With configurations scaling up from two to eight cores, they cater to a broad spectrum of computational demands. Support for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) with Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) accelerates AI workloads, thereby driving efficiencies and innovation in AI-driven industrial settings. The Intel® Atom® Processors x7000RE Series ensures full compatibility with Alder Lake N software and reference boards, facilitating a smooth transition and rapid deployment.

Intel® Next Gen Atom® processors in high-performance, versatile COM Express® with rugged efficiency

Designed to balance performance and interface versatility with effortless deployment, the SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL stands out for its unique blend of industrial-grade Intel Atom® x7000RE (Codename: Amston Lake) CPUs and commercial-grade Intel Atom® x7000E (Codename: Alder Lake) ones. This merger, allowed by pin-to-pin compatibility, addresses thermal limitations and offers tailored SKUs for industrial and embedded applications. Targeting OEMs, industrial system designers, and embedded application developers seeking high-performance, low-power, and reliable computing solutions, the module is particularly suited for industrial automation, automotive, healthcare, and Industry 4.0 applications.

Featuring up to 16 GB of DDR5-4800 memory with IBECC (In-Band Error Correction Code) for enhanced platform reliability and security, the SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL integrates Intel® Gen12 UHD graphics with up to 32 graphics execution units. High-quality visual experiences are delivered by three simultaneous displays, driven by three DDI interfaces (supporting DP 1.4 and HDMI®) and one eDP 1.4 or single/dual-channel LVDS interface (factory alternatives). Connectivity options include: 1x NBase-T Ethernet interface with MaxLinear GPY211/215 GbE controller, supporting 2.5GbE and TSN; 2x USB 10Gbps, 3x USB 5Gbps, and 8x Hi-Speed USB; 6x PCI-e lanes Gen3; 2x S-ATA Gen3 channels; and several serial interfaces. Supported Operating Systems include Microsoft® Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Edgehog OS (Yocto).

"SECO's new SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL upgrades our COM Express® line card to the new generation Intel® Atom® x7000RE Series, offering last-generation Amston Lake processors that excel in performance and extended temperature operation, ensuring dependable computing for industrial edge applications", said Maurizio Caporali, Chief Product Officer of SECO.

SECO’s Clea software suite enhances the SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL, facilitating the deployment of IoT applications and offering a comprehensive ecosystem for data orchestration and modelling, device and fleet management, development of advanced AI applications and more – ensuring the highest levels of device, data, and user security.

To discover the SOM-COMe-CT6-ASL first-hand and learn more about SECO’s comprehensive and modular offering from Edge to IoT, to AI, stop by booth 1-320 at embedded world 2024, in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9 to 11.