SECO and Libelium join forces in the sensor space

An industrial partnership to increase the scale of data analysable by Clea in Smart cities, Smart infrastructures applications

SECO SpA (“SECO”) and Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L. (“Libelium”) have signed an agreement to combine the respective technologies, product portfolios and R&D capabilities to target the business opportunities offered by the digitalization of devices, with particular reference to the Smart Cities and Infrastructures space.

Nowadays, environmental changes are forcing companies to design new ways to improve our cities’ quality of life, while optimizing the use of natural resources. For us, integrating sensors into our offering means adding an additional layer to our value proposition, further reducing complexity for our customers and providing them with a cost-efficient and scalable solution, able to connect to the surrounding environment and return insightful data thanks to Clea”, said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.

Our planet demands us urgency in fighting climate change and we are convinced that IoT and AI are powerful tools for that endeavor. However, the complexity and fragmentation in the market makes solution design challenging. At Libelium we strongly believe in ecosystems to offer complete solutions. Our alliance with SECO is a perfect example of joining forces for good”, said Alicia Asín, CEO of Libelium.

Established in Zaragoza (Spain) in 2006, Libelium offers IoT solutions and devices to help companies and cities to make better decisions to increase profitability, sustainability and datacracy. Also, Libelium provides software solutions using AI algorithms for several fields such as Agrifood, Environmental monitoring, Smart cities and infrastructures.

Building a sensor network allows to enlarge the scalability of an end-to-end solution: in fact, on-field sensors enable to convey a large amount of data from different locations to more complex edge computing devices that can be managed remotely, thus optimizing the installation and maintenance costs for the customer.

In this context, Libelium’s “Plug & Sense” offering is designed to ensure an interoperable and low power consumption toolset able to connect several sensors to a single device and transfer data to a cloud space where they can be stored and analysed by an IoT-AI algorithm. These sensor-based solutions can find application in a number of use cases including, among others, air and water quality measurement, contaminants detection, irrigation control, parking spaces management and infrastructure monitoring.

The partnership allows SECO to add a number of high value-added tools to its offering, aimed at providing the customer with a complete solution ranging from the on-field data extraction to its real-time processing based on Clea’s artificial intelligence algorithms. At the same time, Libelium will contribute with its solid know-how in the data collection and monitoring, that can be spread by leveraging on SECO’s existing and new customer base.

The two companies will work together to address business opportunities that require the use of sensors, and integrate SECO’s portfolio by introducing Libelium products while ensuring their compatibility with Clea.