SECO and Goldkey announce mutual collaboration focused on sales and marketing of SECO solutions in APAC


SECO and DRAM manufacturer company Goldkey have announced a strategic collaboration for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The collaboration involves mutual specification of both companies’ products, joint customer approach, and promotion of Clea, the IoT-AI platform developed by SECO, towards existing and potential opportunitieswith Goldkey DRAM solutions under the auspices of SECO Microelectronics and Goldkey Technology Corporation. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed at NürnbergMesse on 14th March 2023.

Alessandro Hong, CEO of SECO Microelectronics, the Asia-based subsidiary of SECO S.p.A serving the APAC market, states: “We are excited of the possibilities that this long-term strategic collaboration brings, and we believe it will strengthen our position as a leading provider of advanced solutions in APAC. SECO’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns with Goldkey’s values, coupled with the shared common vision of the future. We look forward to working closely with Goldkey to delivering the best solutions to our customers in the APAC region.”

Complementing the company's expansion of DRAM development in the industrial sector Vicky Tseng, CEO of Goldkey Technology Corporation states: “The collaboration underlines the symbiosis between both companies. SECO’s innovations in IoT hardware which include cyber-security firmware and the AI software-platform address the need for all-encompassing least-complicated answers to modern IoT requirements", adding “SECO is indeed an industry forerunner in highly advanced IIoT technology, and together with Goldkey's industrial-DRAM portfolio, we are confident to providing comprehensive solutions to meeting unique requirements of customers in the region.”

Thanks to this collaboration, a wide range of users in APAC will be able to adopt Clea, easily and efficiently building Artificial Intelligence-based solutions that exploit the value of their in-field data. Clea accelerates the time-to-market of their products and enables new services.

Dario Freddi, CEO of SECO Mind, explains: “Clea is a full IoT data-management and AI development-platform. Built to be the foundation of smart-IoT operations, its architecture is excellent where scalability, privacy and reliability is a must. Completely hardware-independent, Clea runs on the customer’s own infrastructure / intranet and is open-source so users have full control over security and customization. Even with our increasing sets of software development kits (SDKs) users can also tap into non-Clea libraries. Apps developed on Clea can be run anywhere. With more than 60 companies and institutions, and countless open-source users already using it, demonstrating ever-growing confirmation and use-cases, the collaboration with Goldkey to co-propagating Clea in Asia is a distinct reality.”

The opportunity to offer to existing and new customers unique solutions from Edge to AI is also underlined by Calvin Lim, Director and Chief Solutions of Goldkey: “Our acumen in DRAM technology provides enterprises with a plethora of DRAM solutions for Automation, Edge-Computing and AI. We work with critical technology partners to providing complete end-to-end turnkey solutions to clientele ranging from big data to smart industry systems and services. Having witnessed SECO’s unrelenting commitment to customer service and co-operation, SECO is envisioned to be an intrinsic partner of opportunities lying ahead in the near-future.”