embedded world 2023: SECO to showcast its range of products and services - From Edge to AI

From March 14-16, the embedded world Exhibition&Conference, the leading international fair for embedded systems, is coming to the Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, Germany. SECO, as a strategic supplier and partner in the digital transformation and IoT evolution of enterprises, will showcase its latest products and services to the tens of thousands of expected visitors.

The embedded world show floor provides a stage for attendees to learn about how SECO accelerates the digital transformation of businesses. From high-tech edge computing platforms and payment solutions to the Clea all-in-one IoT-AI software platform, SECO enables leading markets with end-to-end solutions that make devices smart and ready for data analysis.

Thanks to a strong, vertical application know-how, SECO’s edge computing and IoT-AI solutions can be found at the heart of the most sophisticated and diverse products across many industries - from traditional uses in industrial automation and robotics, biomedical devices, and coffee & vending to emerging applications like smart cities and buildings. SECO’s team is putting everything in place to make all this tangible and ensure an exciting experience for our booth’s visitors.

A wide range of edge solutions, including some newly announced, will be showcased offering a complete overview of SECO embedded products featuring state-of-the-art technologies based on x86, Arm®, and FPGA processing architectures from world-class silicon vendors. SECO’s leading-edge solutions are available in many formats, from  Computer on Module (COM), to Single Board Computer (SBC), to mountable human machine interface (HMI) and fully packaged certified devices. SECO products are accompanied with matching operating systems and where appropriate support with certifications, making them system integration-ready for applications in industrial IoT (IIoT), health care, transportation, and more where flexibility, reliability, ruggedness, and security are crucial.

Beyond off-the-shelf edge computing platforms, SECO’s experts will be ready to discuss about custom design solutions: leveraging decades of expertise in design and manufacturing, SECO is able to take care of custom-designed circuitry, software, and enclosures to meet unique product requirements and fulfill specific customer’s requests.

Visitors to the SECO booth will experience the latest embedded electronics technology from Edge to AI. All of SECO’s edge computing solutions are enabled for Clea intelligence, our edge and cloud AI-IoT platform. With instances running on edge devices managed by a cloud-based software hub, the Clea platform can be deployed with minimal configuration that is also easily expandable. Clea facilitates real time device monitoring, analytics, infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, secure remote software updates, and more. The platform not only enhances intelligence, it also provides easy aggregation and visualization of data from multiple sources for intuitive big-picture analysis and optimization. But that’s not all. Clea capabilities can be enhanced utilizing a dedicated app store of easily customizable, predeveloped apps and AI models to match product needs. Additionally, customers can create their own apps as needed. Clea can be utilized as an AI as a Service (AIaaS) platform, where businesses can intelligently adjust or suggest services for the end user – increasing revenue and optimizing profitability.

At embedded world, the SECO booth will feature a number of exciting specific application demos with Clea in action. These real world use cases will show the power and ease of AI and data orchestration in the industrial automation, coffee and vending, and smart mobility market verticals.

To learn more about SECO’s full offerings from Edge to AI and discover these and many other disruptive innovations, visit SECO booth 1-310/1-320 at embedded world 2023, in Nuremberg from March 14 to 16.