embedded world 2023: come to see more about Clea and its vertical applications

Exploring the multiple applications of the Clea IoT platform in a variety of vertical markets.

From March 14-16 SECO, a leading cutting-edge technological solutions provider, will be exhibiting at embedded world exhibition and conference in Nuremberg, Germany. Alongside high-tech edge platforms that find application in the most sophisticated and diverse products throughout many industries, special attention will be paid to Clea, SECO’s proprietary end-to-end IoT-AI analytics software suite.

Clea is a full-fledged AI as a service (AIaaS) platform for IoT designed to accelerate business with edge and cloud AI, allowing clients to gather and analyze insightful data from their on-field devices in real time. The platform combines advanced features such as device management, telemetry and data orchestration, machine learning, and AI analytics. That means enhancing the abilities of machines to provide real-time insights that become actionable value: process optimization, resource efficiency, automated decision-making are just some of the achievements, creating positive impact on ROI, customer satisfaction and an added value for society. And possible applications are countless: manufacturing, logistics, smart cities, coffee and vending, industrial automation and many more.

Designed with security in mind, Clea can easily and safely connect to any volume of devices and sensors, also if already integrated into existing systems and networks. The integrated data analytics and machine learning tools allow to analyze the large amounts of data coming from the connected devices and automatically orchestrate pipelines, always gathering outputs into one, central hub. Additionally, Clea is both cloud-agnostic and open source: relying on an open core, customers can easily customize and integrate third-party software and hardware.

Clea also comes with a dedicated app store with easily customizable, predeveloped apps and AI models available for users. Thanks to the open SDKs everyone can also create its own app, using any language, and distribute it by the Clea platform to all its devices.

No matter the vertical market, Clea Platform creates high value features using Artificial Intelligence boosting productivity and minimizing downtime. For example, when deployed in vending machines it can be integrated with payment systems and connected to sensors that monitor the status of the machine. This can provide valuable data on usage patterns and can help improve the efficiency of the machines.

In the field of industrial automation, the platform can connect to and control the whole industrial plant. From robots to automated systems, Clea monitors and optimizes machine status with AI models, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

In the smart city scenario, Clea brings intelligence to the maintenance, and management of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and smart tunnels. Deployed in smart buildings, Clea monitors lighting, heating, and security systems. Its support of data analytics and orchestration can help building managers improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Speaking of energy management, with Clea a network of EV charging stations can easily be maintained and monitored.

In the healthcare sector, too, the platform can be used in monitoring systems, where its low power consumption and high performance are crucial.

Vertical applications of Clea are truly countless. To know more and see live some practical examples, come visit SECO at booth 1-320 at embedded world exhibition and conference.