Cybersecurity: Exein-Seco sign an industrial partnership

SECO SpA (“SECO”) and Exein SpA (“Exein”) announce the start of an industrial partnership to introduce, into SECO devices, a software solution specifically dedicated to cybersecurity and the strengthening of the protection and security levels of SECO’s edge-to-AI offering.

Exein, a leading company in the embedded security based in Rome and San Francisco, has developed the first security ecosystem for the IoT devices development and management cycle: an innovative, open-source solution that, thanks to proprietary and on-edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms, allows to detect and neutralize cyber threats, timely defining corrective actions to be undertaken without compromising the operation of the on-field devices.

Exein’s solutions will be made available to SECO clients as an additional service to the edge computing and AI functionalities offered by Clea, based on a modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to allow the customers to design personalized and high value-added offers to their own final users.

In particular, the Pulsar and Cosmo solutions by Exein will be available by-design on all the SECO hardware and software products starting from September 2022, with the possibility to extend the installation of the cybersecurity package to the devices already installed on the field.

“We are enthusiast to start this partnership with SECO. In these months, we have been working very hard on integrating our solutions, in particular Pulsar, an XDR specifically developed for IoT devices. SECO’s solutions have proved to be at the top of this sector, and this has made integration between each other’s solutions much easier. Combining performance and security, the Exein-SECO partnership creates a new paradigm into the IoT offering at a worldwide level”, said Gianni Cuozzo, CEO of Exein.

“Adding value to the products of our customers has always been at the core of our strategy. In a world where more and more devices are connected with each other and with the cloud, for every company it is paramount to increase the level of protection of their data. Thanks to the solution developed by Exein, we are able to give our customers a secure-by-design solution, with a SaaS model allowing them to modulate their investments in the cybersecurity field”, said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.


Exein operates in the cybersecurity sector, with the goal of developing the first ecosystem for the embedded security. Operating between the Rome and San Francisco offices, the Exein team is made by engineers and researchers specialized in security, embedded systems development and machine learning. Exein developed Pulsar, the first Extended Detection and Response (XDR) system, specifically designed to ensure performance and security of the IoT devices. Exein also developed Cosmo, a SaaS solution allowing to autonomously evaluate the cybersecurity posture of IoT devices, directly on the field and without the access to the source code. Every day the solutions developed by Exein make more than 600.000 devices secure and are adopted by more than 20.000 developers worldwide. Exein is supported in its growth by a group of institutional investors including United Ventures, eCapital and Future Industry Ventures.