The customer had the following requirements for the modules:

  • Conformity with railway traffic regulations
  • PCB coating for harsh rail transport environments to withstand the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C without problems
  • Long-term availability - the standard modular solution should guarantee a lifetime of 10+ years and support of 30+ years
  • A modular and cost-efficient solution - an ARM architecture with low power consumption combined with excellent computing power and graphics performance

We were able to find a modular solution that meets the customer's stringent requirements for the new passenger information system. We decided to choose the LEXELL module with i.MX8 processor to guarantee the best possible performance in operation.

A satisfied customer: The most important points were the early availability of our i.MX 8M-based modules, the extended temperature range, the price and the quick response to the special needs. Last but not least, we convinced with our great experience in this field.

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