In future, rely on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for your embedded projects and use the advantages of an Arm-based platform at the same time. Combine significantly lower power consumption of your hardware with the simple integration of a fully functional Microsoft Windows environment.

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Here we explain step by step how to install Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on our proprietary form factor Trizeps VIII Mini:

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  • Available for our Trizeps VIII Mini computer-on-module with NXP i.MX 8M Mini (later in 2022 also for Trizeps VIII Plus with NXP i.MX 8M Plus and graphics HW acceleration) and our Myon II with NXP i.MX 8M Mini.
  • Projects can be implemented immediately: due to our participation in the beta phase, corresponding Board Support Packages (BSPs) have already been developed and tested.
  • Implement embedded applications, e.g. simply via the browser
  • Extensive backup from the Microsoft partner with the most experience and the most successfully realised Windows projects
  • lower hardware costs combined with the long-term support of a Microsoft system

No matter at which point of your development you are, we will step in as an experienced partner when you need us.

Do you only have a rough idea for your product so far? - We can show you what might be a good fit using tried and tested examples. Do you already have detailed specifications? Our proven concepts guarantee a fast time to market - but almost everything can be adapted to your specific needs.

Throughout the process, we work in partnership with you to find a solution that fits your ideas, budget and requirements. Our dedicated solutions team, consisting of engineers with dedicated market experience, will work directly with you or your engineers. You can rely on our many years of experience in project management and our strong commitment.

With our broad and experienced hardware and design team, we solve your technological and mechanical challenges and efficiently implement our solutions in your existing or planned projects.

Our goal: embedded systems that are optimally adapted to the respective customer requirements. Our portfolio ranges from single board computers, system on modules, human machine interfaces to fully customised integrated systems as well as payment systems.

We provide comprehensive advice on the selection of the right hardware for the implementation of your Windows 10 IoT Enterprise project. An ARM platform is only one possible solution. High-performance x86 systems are also available from us.

We see ourselves as a supplier who maps as many production steps as possible in our own company. Unlike many other competitors, we have therefore chosen to bundle the majority of production in our own production sites in Italy, Germany and China. This decision has allowed us to build our competencies in system integration and IoT while retaining direct control over the final product. We can therefore guarantee efficient resolution of problem points and high quality to meet deadlines.

Our supply chain management, tailored to today's needs, has a positive impact on the entire value chain and allows us to be highly competitive in our pricing.

We offer complete integration of electronic components and software applications. Rely on our BIOS customisation and optimisation services, firmware, driver as well as Microsoft development and advanced edge and cloud computing solutions. Our solutions are complemented by long-term support for the entire project lifecycle.

In addition to our hardware products, we also offer customised cross platform applications. Our software specialists develop or adapt Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and software solutions for embedded IoT components. The focus is on embedded, mobile and desktop applications for operating systems such as Embedded Linux, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

As a long-time certified Qt partner, we can also offer you high-quality development services and project support for the transfer of existing applications.

Video from the Embedded World 2022

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Volke Keith (EVP Innovation) talks about the close collaboration between SECO and Microsoft and the SECO Arm-based Trizeps VIII Mini COM, which is now also available with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

  • A single point of contact for the entire hardware and software system.
  • First level support for the entire lifecycle of the project provided directly by our project planners and experts and Data Scientists for Windows, Firmware, BIOS, IoT, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.
  • Flexibility and agility in custom development.
  • Hardware and software integration support for legacy environments.
  • Security patch management.

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"Are you interested in implementing an embedded project with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise? We will be happy to support you and, together with you, implement the best technological solution. We look forward to being able to accompany you in your project."

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Until now, only the smallest version of the Windows 10 product family (Windows 10 IoT Core) was available for Arm processors, which are more power- and resource-efficient than x86 systems. This allowed manufacturers of IoT applications and devices to launch a Universal Windows Platform (UWM) app in the foreground, but not a Windows shell with advanced lock mode features - i.e. to operate like a conventional Windows environment. This left out some application scenarios.

Microsoft added Arm processors to the list of supported processors for the first time in 2022 with the first NXP® processors. This enables manufacturers who rely on Windows software to draw on the advantages of the Arm architecture when developing embedded systems. These include, in particular, significantly lower power consumption, which brings advantages for handheld and other battery-powered concepts, for example - but not only. At the same time, these systems offer lower heat generation.

Thanks to years of close cooperation between SECO and Microsoft, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise was already tested on COMs from SECO in an early beta phase and corresponding Board Support Packages (BSPs) were developed. This enabled SECO to deliver Arm-based development kits with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as early as the official release.

The close cooperation with Microsoft has existed since the introduction of Windows CE and was expanded over the period of Windows Compact 7 and 2013. Throughout Europe, SECO is one of the Microsoft partners with the most experience and the most successfully realised projects. At the same time, SECO is one of the few companies worldwide that offers Windows 10 IoT Core Support. With this experience, the company is optimally prepared for upcoming Windows 10 IoT Enterprise projects.

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