In complex IoT applications, errors in the system must be corrected in real time. Therefore, rely on the computing power of HALLEY and the integrated Intel® Safety Island - for even more protection for man and machine.

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  • Space-saving, powerful module with low power consumption
  • FuSi interface signals for IEC 61508 and ISO 13849 (SIL2/Cat.3 PL d certified2, SIL3/Cat.4 PL e capable)
  • Easy implementation and full flexibility - reduced development time and solutions up to 6 months earlier thanks to parallel development of safety system and deployment mode
  • Intel® Safety Island: detects and corrects faults at an early stage, before a hazard or safety risk arises.
  • Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC): Troubleshooting and resolution in real time
  • In-Band Error Correction Code (IBECC)
  • High performance, low mass & low power consumption
  • Perfectly applicable in robotics, transportation, manufacturing and medical devices

Assured performance in IoT environments thanks to HALLEY

Functional safety in collaborative spaces is becoming more difficult to control as the networking of different devices increases. The Intel® Safety Island was developed precisely for these scenarios. Monitoring takes place in real time and the Safety Island takes control in the event of deviations in the system or safety-critical risks. Even in the event of complete operating system failures, HALLEY can reboot or put the device into safe sleep mode. This novel technology requires high performance - HALLEY was developed precisely for these complex tasks. High performance with low power consumption and small dimensions make HALLEY ideal for integration in any collaborative space.


Functional Safety (FuSa)

Learn what functional safety technology is and what benefits it offers in IoT applications. Human-machine interaction is becoming increasingly important in industry, rail transport and other sectors, so the demand for functionally safe, autonomous systems is growing.


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Functional Safety (Source: Intel®/YouTube)

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Thanks to the long-standing gold partnership with Intel® , SECO was able to gain early access to the revolutionary technology of the Intel® Safety Island. This made it possible to develop a suitable module for the performance requirements and application scenarios of the Safety Island at an early stage.

Thanks to its experience in industrial automation, SECO was already able to implement successful projects in the industrial environment and in the area of collaborative working.

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