The new decade has opened the door to a dynamic digital revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the latest technologies such as cloud, AI and machine learning are allowing the development of ever more innovative solutions. These will enable products and production processes to be improved and have a positive impact on safety, health and usability.

We at SECO want to help to shape this change together with you.

"Throughout the years and with the help of a reliable partner like SECO, our Special Design Bureau "QUANTUM" implemented and is still implementing all its best technical ideas."

Sergey Losey
Chief Designer, SDB QUANTUM

"Early access to the newest technologies, and vast experience in railway applications makes SECO the perfect partner for a company like Atronik."

Artur Koskin
Chief Engineer, Atronik

"This path with SECO was a long one: as can often happen in the development of embedded systems, we faced issues, but SECO was able to support us through a thoroughly engaged team, and deliver the final solution right on time to start mass production."

Luca Giusti
Industrial Pc Manager of TEMA

"SECO’s experience in certifications and in the medical domain proved to be crucial in the success of this design."

Vikrant Raghu
Product Manager, Robert Bosch
Engineering & Business Solutions

"Without SECO’s support we simply couldn’t cope with the peak demand caused by the COVID-19 crisis."

Nikolai Pustovoit
Chief Engineer, UTAS

"The cooperation with SECO gave us wide range of competitive advantages, based on new innovative touchscreen technologies. The Vending and HoReCa markets are evolving rapidly. Integrating touchscreen interfaces in our products secures our position as innovation leader in vending."

Vladimir Lopatin

"We were able to quickly develop our x86-based product maintaining a compact design, resulting in a future-oriented solution through the use of a standard form-factor."

Walch Günther
General Manager, Comron

"SECO gave us great support in a timely manner."

Jorge Garcia
Director – Gerente de Ingenierìa

We work passionately every day to ensure the highest standards in products and services.

Full-Custom Lösungen

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Clea IoT Platform

Get more out of your data. Clea is our IoT-based AI-SasS solution for orchestrating usage data. The data is analysed centrally in the cloud by the AI and valuable insights are drawn from it for optimisation. Thanks to Easy Edge, end devices can also be retrofitted with Clea.

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Proof of Concept

Already in the early project phase, we are at your side and develop a proof of concept. This approach guarantees rapid testing and costing of the project. The prototype is ready for use after just a few weeks.

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Standardised & customized designs

Our goal has always been to create a product world in which individual product groups can be combined quickly and at will. We have succeeded in this! This allows us to match the optimal selection of hardware & software elements to your requirements. The advantage for you: high reliability of the end device and you save yourself a complete new development.

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Networked production facilities, vending machines or transport infrastructure reduce downtime or enable more efficient operations. SECO specialises in networking devices with each other and thus achieving data analysis to optimise performance. We are even able to integrate equipment that has been in use for years into a neural network. The aim is for AI to be increasingly used and to be able to make automatic optimisations in the system so that your end devices work even better.

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Short decision-making processes, seamless adjustments of production to the individual adaptations of your product and bundling of all competences under one roof - precisely these characteristics enable us to deliver your end product very quickly. In addition, our after-sales service guarantees long-term plannability of at least 10 years. Likewise, retrofits and upgrades are easily possible at any time.

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We develop all software under one roof. Whether Linux, Windows or Android, we cover all application areas and scenarios in order to be able to put together the most comprehensive end package possible for you. In recent years, we have shifted our focus to IoT algorithm solutions, machine learning and AI, and with Clea we have developed the best possible exceptional cloud IoT solution to make our hardware even smarter.

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