Use in harsh environments requires robustness and high reliability. SECO therefore, offers specialised support for low power, automotive grade and extended temperature range solutions, including mechanical parts assembly, as well as specialised support for certifications. Solutions by SECO offer a high degree of flexibility in product customisation to meet specific application requirements, along with comprehensive hardware and software support from our application engineers at your site. The company's in-house protective coating production line, which is carried out directly after the boards are produced, helps to reduce maintenance costs while increasing product quality. In addition, SECO offers many years of experience in the implementation of telemetry or networking solutions: After all, remote maintenance and timely exchange of information up to hard real-time requirements are imperative for many purposes.

The availability of the developed industrial solutions over a very long period allows the life cycle of the product to be extended to more than 10 years.

Our portfolio includes highly durable HMIs, SOMs and boards that are customisable to your needs. The range extends from onboard computers and flight data recorders to infotainment and PSI (Passenger Information System) solutions or solutions for rail transport applications.

  • Public transport
  • Commercial vehicles via signalling systems
  • Interlockings and control systems in traffic and railway engineering
  • Forwarding and logistics environment (GPS-based tracking)

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