SECO provides all the necessary tools for the provision of forward-looking services in times of increasing digitalisation. This is also possible because of our IIoT platform Clea, which also monitors the updating and control of systems remotely.

With the help of solutions developed together with SECO, the control, monitoring and supervision of machines could be improved. Here, too, Clea can make automated improvements to the system by orchestrating data. For example, the safety of the plants can be increased, while at the same time the operating risk is reduced and, incidentally, the operating costs are lowered.

The reliability and long-term repeatability of SECO solutions, as well as their extended industrial temperature range, make them ideal for typical outdoor applications. In addition, the Clea IIoT platform enables the aggregation and processing of large amounts of data, even from different plants, with the aim of deriving valuable insights and establishing correlations between data with different communication protocols.

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