We offer complete product planning support, from modular customisation of our HMI fixtures and display solutions to custom software and control device interface. WiFi, Bluetooth or 5G - we adapt the communication infrastructure to your needs. HMIs or embedded systems are designed in such a way that they can be expanded, modified and adapted to new conditions at any time. Of course, we also contribute our expertise in the area of customised BIOS adaptation, Real Time OS FuSi support.

Through our IIoT solutions CLEA, you can easily integrate AI and Machine Learning into your machines. Predictive maintenance or optimal utilisation of the machines are integrated functions of CLEA as standard. The AI in CLEA analyses the utilisation of your production machines and independently optimises the production process so that no bottlenecks or excessive wear and tear occur.

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CLEA is SECO’s suite solution for the remote management of edge devices, of data generated in the field, and its aggregation in the cloud to support business analytics. With CLEA, you will have everything you need to enable your custom IoT solution: dedicated hardware, connectivity, a platform, telemetry, data management, analytics, and consulting. All in a single solution.

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