• minimises development risks
  • application-ready with a pre-installed operating system (e.g. Linux)
  • has a large number of different industrial standard interfaces (e.g. PCI-e, LAN, USB)
  • can be adapted to your needs with little effort and cost

The long-term available ARM & x.86 boards are as reliable as they are durable and manufactured by us in-house in Germany and Italy to the highest quality. Save time, money and headaches and benefit from our +25 years of experience.

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Our Hybrid: The SBCSOM

Experience the world's first solution that merges both product worlds of Single Board Computer (SBC) and System on Module (SOM) by adding basic components and interfaces to a processor module.

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Standard or Individual

We not only offer our customers standardized Single Board Computers (SBC) but also customize our boards according to clients requirements. Fast, simple and cost-optimized. If an adaptation is not easy to implement, we also develop full custom designs. Our modular system enables lightning-fast adaptation of the individual components and we do not have to develop an SBC from scratch based on your requirements. As a side effect, we can guarantee high quality standards even for very customised solutions.

Through our extensive collaborations and partnerships with Intel, Rockship or Freescale/NXP, among others, we are able to adapt cost-effective systems with 6-layer multilayers for high-volume applications. Learn more about our partners

  • Component selection (tool-supported determination of long-term availability)
  • Circuit diagram development
  • Printed circuit board de-interlacing
  • Thermal analysis
  • Prototype construction (also mechanics!)

Seamlessly integrable embedded touch HMI from SECO

Our industrial Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are modular, scalable & customizable!

Based on our Single Board Computers (SBC), we offer you ready-tuned complete systems with display, touch screen and housing or, on request, a solution customized to your requirements.

We offer the following integration solutions:

  • Rear Mount HMI (open frame)
  • Panel Mount HMI (boxed)
  • Flush Mount HMI

Custom-fit: On request, we can also integrate all components directly into your enclosure.

A Single Board Computer (SBC) is a computer in which all components (e.g. processor (CPU), memory, communication interfaces and power supply) have been combined on one circuit board.

In the industrial segment, SBC is mainly used in measurement and control technology. Meanwhile, Single Board Computers can be found in numerous devices such as coffee machines, automotive applications and heating systems.

There is a difference between solutions developed for the consumer market, such as the Raspberry Pi, and SBC developed for industrial applications, such as the products of SECO.

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