• Can be flexibly equipped with ARM or Intel/x86 processors
  • Resistive, capacitive or projected capacitive touchscreens are available
  • Choice of the operating system: Linux, Android & Microsoft IoT
  • Various types of mounting are possible (including open frame, boxed & flat flush)
  • Solutions for active and passive heat dissipation of the processors
Rear-Mount HMI

Mounting is done from the inside. Protection of the front is ensured by a suitable seal or a flush circumferential gap.

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Panel-Mount HMI

This HMI is mounted on the front and fixed from the inside. This variant is particularly suitable for quick installation and is nevertheless robust against pressure.

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Flush-Mount HMI

The HMI closes seamlessly and is flush with the front of the end device.

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IIoT One-stop solution

With Clea, we offer you a groundbreaking IoT-AI-SasS suite that combines applications for artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and Big Data analysis.

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Proof of Concept

Our rapid prototyping service enables a feasibility check as well as potential and risk assessment of a project in an extremely short time.

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Standardised & customized designs

Based on our standardised products, we develop your customised solution for human-machine interfaces and modules based on x86, ARM and FPGA architectures. Our approach also allows us to develop highly personalised results with high added value while keeping costs and development time low.

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We are your ideal partner for system integration. Our services range from the pre-installation of the customer's software and the assembly of touch solutions and mechanical parts to the customised design and production of your end product.

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We see ourselves as a supplier who maps as many production steps as possible in our own company. Unlike many other competitors, we have therefore decided to bundle the majority of production in our production sites in Italy, Germany and China.

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We offer complete integration of electronic components and software applications. Rely on our BIOS customisation and optimisation services, firmware, driver, Linux BSP and Android development, and advanced edge and cloud computing solutions. The solutions are complemented by long-term support for the entire project lifecycle.

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A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or control unit that allows people to interact with a machine, system or device. While the term can technically be applied to any possibility that enables a user to interact with a device, the term HMI is often used with regards to an embedded touch panel, consisting of a display, touch screen and a computer unit.

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