• Can be flexibly equipped with ARM or Intel/x86 processors
  • Resistive, capacitive or projected capacitive touchscreens are available
  • Choice of the operating system: Linux, Android & Microsoft IoT
  • Various types of mounting are possible (including open frame, boxed & flat flush)
  • Solutions for active and passive heat dissipation of the processors

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Proven use of our machine interfaces (MMI)

Our Panel Mount variant has more than proven itself in industrial installations. The robust frame prevents damage from external influences. In applications such as professional kitchen equipment, digital signage or medical & laboratory technology, our flush mount installation variant is increasingly being used. The flush-mounted panel does not simply have a high-quality appearance, it also prevents germs and dirt from settling in the indentations. The Rear Mount has reliably proven itself as a cost-efficient all-purpose installation variant. If you are looking for a touch control unit to control monitoring modules, a login module or a central unit to control and reduce technical complexity, the Flexy Vision series is the right choice for you.

The four variants of our man-machine interfaces (MMI) give you complete freedom when planning your end device. We consult you on which variant best suits your product or how we have to adapt the screw connection, for example, so that the touch panel including the single board computer can be optimally installed. We also adapt interfaces optimally to your requirements. In addition to the customisable human machine interface solutions, the Flexy Vision series rounds off the spectrum of possibilities in the best possible way. The Flexy Vision modules not only have a high-quality look due to the aluminium housing, but the screw connection according to the VESA standard also ensures the most flexible application possibilities.

No matter which installation option you prefer for the operation of your product, SECO delivers exactly the Human Machine Interface which can be easily integrated into your system. Choose between three different installation variants for the integration: Panel-, Flush- or Rear-Mount.

Industrial IoT One-stop solution

With CLEA, we offer you a groundbreaking IoT-AI-Sass suite that combines applications for artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and Big Data analysis.

With CLEA, you get more out of the HMI's operational data. Our revolutionary artificial intelligence in Clea transforms the data into directly applicable insights and, if desired, independently carries out optimisations in the process. With this combination of CLEA and our HMI solutions, you get the most out of machine interaction and reduce the technical complexity.

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Proof of Concept

You are unsure which installation variant is the most suitable for your project and whether your requirements are feasible? Our rapid prototyping service enables a feasibility check as well as potential and risk assessment of a project within a few weeks in an extremely short time.

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Standardised & customized designs

Based on our standardised products, we develop your customised solution for human-machine interfaces based on x86, ARM and FPGA architectures. Our proven modular system enables us to realise highly personalised results without designing a completely new device. Our components are matched in such a way that they can be combined easily - this saves a lot of costs and shortens the development time significantly.

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We are your ideal partner for system integration. Our services range from the pre-installation of the customer's software and the assembly of touch solutions and mechanical parts to the customised design and production of your end product in industrial environments.

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We see ourselves as a supplier who maps as many manufacturing steps as possible in our own company. Unlike many other competitors, we have therefore decided to bundle the majority of industrial manufacturing in our own production sites in Italy, Germany and China.

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We offer complete integration of electronic components and software applications. Rely on our BIOS customisation and optimisation services, firmware, driver, Linux BSP and Android development, and advanced edge and cloud computing solutions. The solutions are complemented by long-term support for the entire project lifecycle.

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In Industry 4.0, a modern Human Machine Interface (HMI) is used to display and control all relevant information of machines and systems via graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

While the term can technically be applied to any technical possibility that allows a user to interact with a device, an HMI is most often used in the context of an embedded touch panel, which in addition to display, touch screen also has a corresponding computer unit.

Although HMI is the most common term for this technology, it is sometimes also referred to as man-machine interface (MMS), operator interface terminal, local operator interface or operator terminal.

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