Under SECO Mind, the SECO group combines all services related to the development of powerful and innovative IoT and AI applications. The focus is on providing special software services and platforms for the use of artificial intelligence (AI), data science and data orchestration. With Clea, SECO Mind presents an IOT-AI-SasS solution that transforms field data into actionable and measurable insights and brings together device and application management in a ready-to-use platform.

Integrating Clea into your machines couldn't be easier! You can subsequently connect existing products with Clea using EASY EDGE or already integrate it in the launch phase. We take care of everything.

The easy integration of Clea allows you to bring your AI-enabled product to market very quickly. Within a few weeks, you can generate initial insights and make performance improvements with the collected data from the connected devices.

Clea generates added value by reducing downtime and improving product performance. With Clea, your productivity increases and at the same time you can offer additional services to your customers.

Set up your devices with Easy Edge and you have all the data at your fingertips.

Clea optimizes your logistics by calculating the best route for your fleet. It also increases your efficiency by identifying problems at an early stage.

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Upgrade your vending machines with Clea and extract concrete insights from raw data. Also, offer your customers new and innovative additional services.

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Clea connects your medical devices to the cloud under strict compliance with data protection regulations. This enables highly secure and extended use of your data.

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We can fully customize the hardware of our solution according to your needs. We also support you in the certification process.


Thanks to our extensive experience in service design and UX, we help you face your customer's needs with a tailored solution. We support you in providing an optimized customer experience at all touchpoints along the buying journey.


We analyze the data from your terminal devices and build a customized set of AI algorithms based on your requirements, both at the edge and in the cloud.

Clea is based on


IoT Sensor to Cloud

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