SECO Next - the creative laboratory of the SECO Group

With SECO Next, we want to bring together a wide range of market players and stakeholders and encourage them to experiment and create innovative solutions in a specially developed ecosystem. For this purpose, our network is openly designed across disciplines with the aim of launching fertile and long-term partnerships as well as initiatives. We use the latest cutting-edge technologies and want to exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. With SECO Next, we want to develop tomorrow's solutions today.

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Zero defects, no downtime

Artificial itelligence for the prediction of machine breakdowns, even without historical data.

Have you got any machines that can be experimented on?

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Next-Gen camera

An out-of-the-box AI solution for using computer vision that can be used on any device. The camera anonymises the data and makes the sensor GDPR compliant and cloud independent!

Do you have a use case where an environment needs to be monitored in real time and situations need to be detected?

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Monitor movements, wherever you are

With a patented sensor and AI algorithms, we create a digital twin of a human body and monitor it remotely.

Let's test its use in healthcare.

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We constantly monitor emerging technologies. We listen to the problems of customers, understand their context and propose paths to explore together.


We analyse problems to be solved in depth and develop a project roadmap together. We estimate the times and costs of the experimentation.


We test the solution to check its efficiency and measure its performance. We evaluate whether the solution is satisfactory or whether it needs to be improved.


The best solution is produced and placed on the market, ready for user feedback to improve its performance.

We are tireless experimenters, curious explorers and insatiable scholars

We concentrate years of experience in hardware, software, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and neuroscience into one team. This team is exclusively dedicated to experimenting and combining technologies, methods, skills and knowledge to bring new ideas to life.

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Our overriding credo: working, designing, experimenting and creating TOGETHER.

Always exploit the full potential of the latest cutting-edge technologies

Innovative technologies such as edge AI, machine learning, metaverse, virtual reality and quantum computing are just some of the elements in the search for applications and solutions to improve our environment. Why not harness the power of AI and AI to develop solutions for reducing pollution in cities? Or IoT-driven sensors to detect gas leaks?

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Adaptive & Federated Learning

Machine Vision & Data Fusion

5G and Beyond

Quantum Computing

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