IoT, industrial hardware development, system integration and payment systems

We develop innovative high-tech IoT solutions

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Tell us about your project and your goals: Together we will find the technological solution that is best suited to your requirements.


R&D competences for Embedded hardware, software & system integration

IIoT, industrial hardware development and system integration and modern payment systems.

We add intelligence to things and enable human-machine interaction. We enable a fast time-to-market with the help of our customizable standard solutions.

Experience advanced edge computing features - such as security applications & data calculation - directly in your products.

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IoT, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Orchestration Software services and platforms

We create powerful and innovative IoT and AI applications.

We focus on providing special software services and platforms around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Data Orchestration.

We provide solutions for you on how data can be collected at the edge and transferred to the cloud. Using state-of-the-art data processing, we enable data-driven decision-making.

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Open for innovation & partnerships

Sharing, experimenting and open collaboration to develop tomorrow's solutions today.

We create an ecosystem for experimentation and support different market actors on an even footing through our open innovation approach.

This cross-disciplinary network of initiatives and partnerships fosters the next generation of innovation.

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SECO Mind is a dedicated business unit within the SECO Group, focusing on the development of IoT solutions and AI applications. Our vision is to extend the capabilities of machines and humans through the use of AI wherever data processing takes place.

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Our solutions and comprehensive & multidisciplinary expertise, which we have acquired over decades, are used in a wide range of industrial sectors.

What our customers think about SECO

Rhea Vendors Group

"Innovation, quality, and sustainability have always been core values of Rhea. We find these same values in SECO - a solid and dynamic company with which I am sure we will share a future of partnership and mutual success."

Andrea Pozzolini
CEO, Rhea Vendors Group


"We were able to quickly develop our x86-based product maintaining a compact design, resulting in a future-oriented solution through the use of a standard form-factor."

Walch Günther
General Manager, Comron

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"SECO's experience in certifications and in the medical domain proved to be crucial in the success of this design"

Vikrant Raghu
Product Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions

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"The cooperation with SECO gave us wide range of competitive advantages, based on new innovative touchscreen technologies. The Vending and HoReCa markets are evolving rapidly. Integrating touchscreen interfaces in our products secures our position as innovation leader in vending."

Vladimir Lopatin

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"It is always important for T8 to be prompt and flexible for the customers in the tasks assigned. SECO builds their work by same way, making a business with them much easier."

Alexandr Shelepin
Chief Engineer, UTAS Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, T8

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"Early access to the newest technologies, and vast experience in railway applications makes SECO the perfect partner for a company like Atronik."

Artur Koskin
Chief Engineer, Atronik

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