SECO has been selected by Qualcomm as an IIoT design center partner

A partnership to accelerate the development of new edge computing solutions for Industrial IoT designed for OEM customers.

SECO S.p.A. (“SECO”) announces a strategic collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. (“Qualcomm Technologies”) aimed at launching new edge computing products for the Industrial IoT world, based on Qualcomm Technologies’ processors.

According to the signed agreement, SECO is designated as a Qualcomm Technologies’ IIoT design center partner and, as such, will develop certain reference designs for off-the-shelf hardware solutions primarily dedicated to OEM customers.

In particular, the collaboration is focused on creating a system-on-module (SOM) and a modular single board computer (SBC). Both products will be made available within the SECO standard edge computing solutions catalogue.

Qualcomm Technologies will provide support to SECO in the development of such products to accelerate their time to market. In this context, Qualcomm Technologies will also provide technical support, easing the integration of its components into SECO’s new products.

In addition, the offering of custom designs for customers adopting Qualcomm Technologies chipsets will be facilitated to better meet the specific needs of companies in their respective vertical sectors. Design flexibility represents a further added value for companies interested in optimizing the performance and potential of their devices through the implementation of IIoT applications.

In the perspective of providing a comprehensive and end-to-end service for the creation of AI-powered devices, SECO will also be able to assist the users of these solutions to quickly connect to Clea – the IoT platform developed internally – by enabling its functionalities, including machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, in the machines built for the end users.

Technology advancements in connectivity, computing, on-device AI and cloud services are fueling the digital transformation of industries and we are pleased to work with SECO as our design partner to simplify and scale the use of Qualcomm IoT technology in Europe”, said Roberto Di Pietro, VP, Business Development of Qualcomm Europe, Inc.Combining our technology leadership and SECO’s expertise in hardware-development will help OEM customers bring IoT products to market quicker and address new edge compute and AI use cases.

We are particularly proud to receive an acknowledgment of our technological capabilities from one of the leading global players. The agreement with Qualcomm Technologies represents an extraordinary opportunity for SECO to further increase its visibility and market penetration. Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to offer increasingly cutting-edge hardware solutions and make them available to our customers, actually accelerating their digital evolution”, said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.