Presenting SECO Next: SECO's new business unit dedicated to innovation and sustainable development

SECO S.p.A. ("SECO") announces SECO Next, a new business unit that aims to generate value for companies through an Open Sustainability Innovation approach: SECO Next will represent a laboratory in which an open ecosystem of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, technological partners, start-ups, universities and research centres) will be able to bring into play their different experiences and skills, using frontier technologies to co-design innovative solutions aimed at the well-being of people and the generation of sustainable value by companies.

With this in mind, also thanks to the support of both Italian and foreign Universities of excellence, SECO Next has already started screening potential partners and collaborations with start-ups and research centres to identify technologies with high growth potential that have not yet found an application on the market.

Innovative technologies, such as edge ai, machine vision, metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, cybersecurity, 5G and quantum computing, will be monitored in search of applications and new solutions according to an industrial development model based on sustainability and improving people's quality of life. Virtual reality systems, city pollution forecast algorithms, hyperspectral IoT sensors for gas leak detection and leakage estimation, subsequently also applicable to hydrogen, are just some of the solutions currently being analysed by the ecosystem of SECO Next partners.

SECO is launching a new model of collaboration dedicated to its customers, which starts from ideas developed by the various partners of the SECO Next ecosystem and aims to accelerate the time-to-market of new solutions for companies, reducing the investments and risks associated with testing. Together with the customer, SECO Next will design and create a minimal version of the design idea at low cost and in a short timeframe, to allow the features of the new product/service to be tested and the collection of user feedback, so that it may subsequently be transformed into a scalable solution ready for mass production.

“In a context of unprecedented acceleration, emphasised by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re witnessing the transformation of markets at an increasingly rapid pace and companies need to invest in innovation to survive the global post-pandemic economic and technological scenario. That’s why SECO decided to create SECO Next: a team dedicated to connecting the needs of people, companies, public and private institutions through technology, adopting a value co-creation approach to create ethical, democratic, and more sustainable products and services", commented Gianluca Venere, Chief Innovation Officer, SECO spa.

“Through SECO Next, we will create a vast, heterogeneous ecosystem of partners to identify and analyse trends, technologies and best practices that can contribute to further accelerate our medium-term growth. Thanks to SECO Next, we can continue the process of evolving our business, so that any company can achieve its digital transformation", commented Massimo Mauri, CEO at SECO spa.